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John Brogan was born in 1962 and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee.  As a third generation wood turner, John developed an interest in the art at a very young age.  Watching his grandfather turn pieces in his shop in Ozone, Tennessee, John quickly developed an appreciation for beautiful wood.


John’s grandfather Jess Bird, a master at wood turning, never sold his art, preferring instead to gift his “Birdware” pieces to family and friends.  John’s mother, Virginia Bird Brogan, also turned wood during her childhood and later as a young adult.   The old lathe used by Jess Bird now sits in John’s wood turning studio in Abilene, Texas.  It is a constant reminder of his heritage and the love of wood passed onto him by his grandfather and mother.


John graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1985 with a degree in Electrical Engineering and began a career as a Telecommunications Engineer.  John’s business travel throughout the western United States, Central America, Alaska and Hawaii brought him in contact with native woods of many parts of the world and afforded him the ability to develop his own woodturning collection of various artists.  John continues his technical career through his business, Telecom Unlimited, in Abilene.


All of John’s pieces are individually created on a wood lathe from a variety of woods.  Local woods such as Mesquite, Pecan and Mulberry are John’s favorites, although he also turns from Maple, Walnut and Mexican Rosewood (Cocobolo).  John’s focus on any turning is to showcase the natural beauty of burls, knots, bark inclusions and highly figured grain patterns, while at the same time, create a shape that is pleasing to the eye.


Each turning is unique in that the individual characteristics of the wood are identified throughout the turning process, and the shape of the piece is often determined well into the turning.  No two pieces are ever the same. 


John’s art is available online, in galleries and by commission.

325.669.3995       john@texasturnings.com       Abilene, Texas